Tapping Happy With Amanda Wiggs

What is tapping??

Would you like to know how tapping can help you overcome anxiety, worry and stress?

Today we have Amanda Wiggs from Happy Tapping with us on The Lightworker Podcast, discussing Tapping and the benefits of having a session with her or coming along to her workshops where you learn a few of the tapping techniques that will empower you in your journey to overcome life’s challenges.

“Many healing modalities are able to assist with healing; there are many beautiful techniques available. I find tapping to be a powerful tool, and I love that while I am assisting someone with their healing I am also showing them how they can heal themselves, so they can be self-sufficient. The basic tapping techniques are relatively easy to learn, for me that’s exciting”

Tapping Therapy is a technique based on the ancient art of acupuncture, instead of using needles we tap with our fingers on acupressure points. All of our memories, programming and beliefs are stored within us, tapping accesses these and helps to clear obsolete thought patterns and emotional blocks. Tapping helps to clear long standing and reoccurring thoughts and issues or gain clarity around a recent incident. If you are feeling blocked and unable to progress with your business, work, financial or spiritual goals, tapping can clear the way for you to move forward with confidence and purpose. With Tapping Amanda wants you to fall in love, be happy, be creative, be free and most of all be YOU.

Amanda’s motto is “Make Space for your Dreams”

Amanda is a highly skilled and empathetic tapping facilitator, who has been a tapper for over 13 years. Necessity drove her to the front door of the tapping world as she suffered with crippling anxiety. Thankfully tapping worked, she finally freed herself. Over the last five years Amanda has worked with clients facilitating their healing and makes huge claims that it is the most rewarding ‘work’ she has ever done.

Coming up on the 1st of June is a Tapping workshop here in Buderim hosted by The Being Woman Gathering Group.

This workshop will give you tools to redesign your thoughts, rediscover or reaffirm who you are and realign your wishes to your reality.

Create Space to Weave Your Dream workshop goals:

Tickets are available and space is limited,

Book your ticket with
Amanda Wiggs: 0419 711 939
Only $35

The workshop includes:

  • Learn the basic principles of tapping, be self-sufficient
  • Live demonstrations
  • Tea, coffee & shared afternoon tea
  • Raffles
  • Lucky door prizes
  • That awesome feeling when you know you’ve just helped a good cause
  • Handouts and your notes from the workshop to continue your journey
  • A hug


Here is how to get connected with Amanda

Amanda Wiggs170615 Amanda Wiggs www pic.jpg

0419 711 939



The tapping therapy services of Tapping Happy are available in person at Nambour, OR via phone and skype.

Books shared today

  •  Even Eagles Need a Push – David McNally’s
  •  Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch

Mentors mentioned

  • The originator of tappingDr Roger Callanan
  • Originator of EFTGary Craig
  • Currently studying for accreditation with Faster EFTRobert Smith
  • Brought EFT to the mainstreamNick and Jessica Ortner
  • Another favourite tapping guruDr Carol Look


Thank you again to the Light Tribe, this podcast is happening because of you.

I also want to welcome any new listeners and just acknowledge that you are here for a reason even if you are not clear on what that is just yet.

Also if you would like to hear about any particular subject please either email me here or go to my Facebook page and leave me some suggestions there

Have a beautiful week

Love and light


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