Welcome to Light of Wellness, my name is Natalie Ubl Grant
I am an Accredited Usui Reiki Master / Teacher, Reiki nataly-video-shoot_0506Grand Master practitioner, a Seichim Reiki Master / Teacher,  a Karuna Master / Teacher, Meditation facilitator,  Massage and Beauty Therapist.

As the founder of Light Of Wellness, Guided meditation podcast and the Lightworker podcast, I have one mission and that is to create space for peace, healing and transformation.

I am particularly passionate about empowering mothers to create space in their lives for peace, healing and transformation and helping them build a connection to Reiki (universal life force energy) that empowers a wonderful deep connection to intuition, that intuition is a powerful guiding force during motherhood. I have some great tips and techniques that have changed my life and the life of my family and I love sharing these with all who seek.

Reiki is one of many paths to enlightenment, one that has served me well over the past 18 years.  During this time Reiki has given me the ability to gradually change my focus and energy in more positive and productive ways of being. This has given me access to living my life’s purpose, a life of service to others. One that I take on with pride. I am now an accredited Usui Reiki Master / Teacher with The Reiki Association Of Australia Inc. 

Here on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, I run workshops, with a team of Motivated Reiki Masters that profoundly change peoples lives.  We help people find their inner light and strength that has been hidden under the fog of life’s more stressful experiences. Using a combination of healing modalities and processes, we bring your awareness to your own body conscious and get to the bottom of the fear based emotional blockages that create negative patterns in your life and release them permanently. Private sessions are also available via appointment only.

For 15 years I worked in the beauty and massage industry. My training started at the Elly Lukas school of Beauty on Collins St in Melbourne and then went on to Touch of Health Massage School. Then on to Reiki One training with Reiki Master Dorothea Saaghy, Avoca Victoria.

I was born and spent my formative years in Melbourne, where I worked in a nail and beauty industry with six great and powerful women. They were wonderful mentors and I gained great experience in running my own business there. In 2005 my husband and I moved to the Sunshine Coast and we began our new life. I joined the team at Halo of Mooloolaba and continued with nails, beauty and massage. Then came children, the most amazing self discovery and life changing experience of all. Training for Reiki Mastery in three disciplines with Richard Giakoumis at Celestial Light in Marcoola Beach was my next “milestone”. I also got involved in the technology revolution and developed competency in  use of computers and build and design websites. I did an online course run by a multi level marketing business. The course they run completely overhauled the way I look at the food I eat, the air I breath, the relationships I share and the life I lead. It helped me back on my path as a healer, one that is healing herself everyday.

My focus now is on the holistic side of my training rather than the beauty. Working with people and being involved in their entire life cycle on a daily basis for the past 18 years, has given me invaluable life experience. Anyone who has had a treatment with me knows that they get more than just a massage or their nails done, I feel privileged to be so closely connected with my clients.  That energy exchange that happens during my sessions with people is Reiki. Reiki is powerful and has always protected me from becoming drained during long hours of focus.

Reiki is part of who I am; I live the five principals of Reiki on a daily basis.  I have always, ever since I was a small child, been encouraged to be a free thinker and to always find the truth. With Reiki I was able to find the truth inside me and create the life I wanted to share with everyone around me. I find freedom in the energy field I am connected to, it empowers me.  When I had both of my children, Reiki helped me through the whole process, from carrying them, to birthing them and raising them, they both enjoy receiving Reiki and are now attuned to Reiki One, we all heal each other. Having Reiki when my children were babies helped me to connect with them immediately and gave me the clear connection to my intuition to help me determine very quickly what it was that they needed. It gave me confidence in my abilities and an inner strength to deal with the lack of sleep.

My vision for the future is to create a world where love and respect is the main focus, where we are all becoming aware of our connection to our inner light (source, god, one consciousness etc.) and in turn gaining control of our own lives and existence. I want to share this knowledge with likeminded people and anyone who is interested in knowing more about themselves on a deeper level. Living a life that includes Reiki, meditation, clean air, clean water, clean food, sunshine and walks in nature are things that we all need to be involved in. With that connection, we can all share in the healing of ourselves; the people around us and in turn the Earth.  When people see the world through the eyes of love, they see a world of possibility. If more people opened up to the love within themselves then they would see the love all around them more clearly.  It’s time to open up to the endless supply of LOVE that surrounds our inner light each and everyday.

Love and light


Meditation & Spiritual Expansion Circle – Thursday Evenings

Meditation is a wonderful place to begin the journey of self discovery.  Meditation can help you gain clarity about who you are and where you are going.  I run a meditation healing group on a Thursday night in Buderim (link). For more information please contact me on 0408 578 959.

These meditation & healing nights are a great way to connect with likeminded people. During these evenings, we do a meditation that lasts for between 15 – 25 mins. Then we are free to exchange our experiences during the meditation and swap healing after that. You don’t need to have Reiki to attend, you are still able to participate in the energy exchange easily.

Women’s Meditation Healing Circle – Thursday Mornings 

Thursday morning meditation classes offer a safe and nurturing environment for beginners embarking on the journey of meditation practice. You will discover how this humble practice can enhance your life and reduce stress significantly. For more information click here.

I run a workshop in conjunction with The Stream Of Wellbeing in Buderim. If you are interested in Usui Reiki 1 & 2 (link) click the link and contact me.

Photographs by Anya Woolgrove

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