About Reiki with Natalie Ubl Grant

Have you got questions about what Reiki is?

Do you know what it is and want to hear my story of awakening?

Life can be really stressful and any advice on ways to manage this stress could hold the key to awakening your internal peace.Nataly video shoot_0470

Today I explore my journey with Reiki, the principals of Reiki and how these principals have had a profound effect on my life. I have been practicing Reiki for the past 19 years and only decided to take it to master level in 2013. Since then I have been running meditation and spiritual expansion circles that allow women to grow in a sacred space. This has flowed on to Reiki workshops and retreats that I run regularly now.

My passion is to see women empower themselves and create the changes in their lives that they have always wanted to.

Reiki is a journey of self discovery that opens doorways and windows into your soul. It connects you to a deeper wisdom available to anyone who seeks it. You find yourself asking more questions of yourself and others, you will push your limits and expand into places you would have never even thought possible before. Reiki creates space, freedom and peace in your life._DSC1439

The more you practice the clearer your intuition becomes. For me anxiety and depression are things of the past. You find that you take care of your body and nourish it with healthy food with no effort.

It happens on its own.

I run Reiki workshops Regularly now here in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Nataly video shoot_0506You can find more information on these workshops and meditation groups here

If  you would like to connect with me you can find me at


Email me here

Or By Phone: 0408 578 959

Thank you again to the Light Tribe, this podcast is happening because of you.

I also want to welcome any new listeners and just acknowledge that you are here for a reason even if you are not clear on what that is just yet.

Also if you would like to hear about any particular subject please either email me here or go to my Facebook page and leave me some suggestions there

Have a beautiful week

Love and light




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