Releasing Emotions

Hi everyone,

In todays podcast I share a snippet from one of my meditation groups. I feel blessed to have such powerful women who attend our group each week, where we share our experiences with each other and learn and grow together.

Our subject a lot of the time is releasing emotions and their hold they have over us in our every day life. Following on from last weeks podcast where I spoke about how awareness creates choice, I thought you might like to hear what Di shared about a system called The Sedona Method. Di has had some success using this system and was lovely enough to share it with the group. Please click the link to find out more about the founder of The Sedona Method and how you can access it.

There are lots of different systems available out there to help us release the power trapped emotions have over us. I have found that it is really important in the beginning to find a way to connect with your own intuition and build trust in your own capabilities. We are powerful and have access to capabilities beyond belief. Listening to your intuition will always lead you exactly where you need to be and to the lessons you need to learn. This healing method shared in todays podcast may be useful to you, you may find you have an instant connection to it.

If not don’t be discouraged, that is why there is so many Lightworkers out there sharing their methods with us in slightly different ways. Follow you intuition and the teacher will present themselves when you are ready. In the mean time gather as much information as your time allows and watch it all begin to fall into place as it should in universal perfection.

Thank you again to the Light Tribe, this podcast is happening because of you.

Also if you would like to hear about any particular subject please either email me here or go to my Facebook page and leave me some suggestions there

Have a beautiful week

Love and light


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