Sacred sexuality and spirituality with Elise Carr

Do you want to know what Tantra is ?

Have you ever heard what a Yoni is?

Today we are having a conversation with the beautiful Elise Carr, The Trailblazing Woman behind StellaMuse.elise-279

Elise is known as the ‘Pioneer of Yoni Power’ & ‘The Divinely Empowered Woman’ and is recognised internationally as one of Australia’s foremost Empowerment mentors, specialising in Sacred Sexuality & Spirituality.

Elise is  exploring the ‘Power of Your YONI!’ Yes, you read correctly, YOUR YONI!!! (Sometimes also called your VAGINA!)

Exciting, mysterious and still unspoken of.  Elise is taking an angle that – your Yoni is the centre of your creativity and personal power and she wants to help you and all women channel and radiate this to be your most Stella selves – from uterus healing to self-pleasure, communication with partners to ancient YONI practices!
Elise explains that we are able to warm this space by introducing heart energy and she explains how we are able to achieve this during the podcast today.

Elise’s background is that she is a certified; Holistic Life/Health Coach, Esoteric Tantra practitioner, a Reiki Master, as well as a Writer, Speaker, Model and Artist.

Elise began her journey of connecting to her body after she had been experiencing extremely painful periods and had had a ruptured cyst on her ovary and the doctors could not explain why this was happening to her. So Elise began to look into the energetic connection to the period pain and this was where she found her answers.

Today we also cover

  • Expanding on masculine and feminine energy and how these energies influence our daily life. That these energies are not just with women, it also affects men.
  • Elise shares her most divine threesome, that is the importance of the relationships we have with ourselves, the divine and our beloveds (partner, children, friends and tribe).
  • What Elise’s daily practice/ritual is.
  • We talk Tantric practice and what this practice actually is.

Thank you so much for today Elise. You are just so graceful as you speak of sacred sexuality and so knowledgable, although we taped this at the end of last year this is just so appropriate right now and I am so grateful for your contribution to the Earth.

If you loved hearing from Elise today and would like to get in contact with her, here are the links.elise-166

Elise Carr, M.A.

Divine Empowerment, Sacred Sexuality & Spirituality Director
Tantra Practitioner | Reiki Master | Writer | Coach. Speaker | Model | Artist | Trailblazer

P: +61 401 026 015

’11 Keys: The Stella Warrior Journey’ eBook



Tantra videos:

There is loads of information for you to sink your teeth into here. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Please leave a comment on the Facebook page or below in the comments, Elise and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you again to the Light Tribe, this podcast is happening because of you. Please leave us comments and let us know what you took away form this interview with Elise.

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Have a beautiful week

Love and light


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