Welcome to the Lightworker Podcast

I’m your host Natalie Ubl Grant, I am a Lightworker, a meditation facilitator, Reiki master and a health and wellness enthusiast who thrives on helping people.

You can visit my other websites, Light Of for more information about workshops and retreats we run and Guided Meditation if you are looking for FREE guided meditations that are designed to help you find peace, healing and transformation.

Connection is my super power and I just love bringing people to a space where transformation can occur.

Are you looking for information on being a Lightworker?

Are you a Lightworker and just love collecting knowledge from other Lightworkers?

Then this is exactly where you need to be right now.

Welcome to the Lightworker Podcast

Spirit has bought you here for a reason and my hope is that this podcast will offer some new information and insight that will help you on your journey.

I am here to help you connect and grow on your true path as a Lightworker.

As some of you may know, I just love having a conversation with Lightworkers from all walks of life. I really love getting to know them and how they are creating a ripple that is transforming the world. Whether that be helping someone anonymously in the street or working tiresly as mothers, Fathers, ambulance officers, doctors, nurses, carers, spiritual healers or even as a speaker to thousands of people spreading their messages on a stage.

These beautiful beings are sharing their love uniquely and one by one are the change this planet needs right now.

I love asking what is the reason they got into doing what it is that they do? How did this particular path change their lives. How did they know they were a Lightworker? or did they even know?

I also love asking whether there was a significant unexplainable or weird event in their life that gave them confirmation about the non physical world?

You see this happened to me and many that I know who have taken this path of being a Lightworker. They are sensitive to energy and are able to see, feel and know things that other people are unable to. Sometimes we shut it off when we are children so we can get on with living in this dimension. Its not until later in life that we reconnect with this part of ourselves.

I believe that each person has a mission in life—something that you agreed to learn during the time you have here. I believe this is how our soul evolves.

I also believe that with this personal mission there are some who agreed to take on “ a global missions,” which involve helping people, animals, the environment, or a cause other than themselves. Not everyone has a global mission. Some people on Earth are only here for their own personal growth at this time.

You know you’re a Lightworker if you feel compelled to help others, and deeply care about the world. You attract people who need help, they just seem to follow you around and you’re sensitive to the needs of those around you. In fact, you sometimes feel that you’re a bit too sensitive, as you absorb the energy of others quite easily’ This can have a negative affect on you. So you seek out ways to overcome this, leading you on the path to understanding yourself better and discovering that you are indeed a Lightworker.

Here we begin a journey together, this journey for me has been a massive challenge and fear that I have overcome, so I am so excited to finally bring the Lightworker Podcast to you.

If you are a Lightworker who would love to share your story with us here, you can get in contact with me HERE

If you have any questions that you are looking for answers to you can also contact me HERE

Have a beautiful day

Love and light



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