Are you feeling low on energy?

Have you ever felt drained and zapped of energy?

Are you an empath and need help with drawing a line between you and people around you?

Would you like to know my secret to looking after your energy field?

In this podcast I will go through a simple grounding and protecting ritual that I use to ground and protect my energy each morning to ensure I am ready for anything during the day.

It is really important to take your energy field into consideration. Most people don’t and they wonder WHY they feel drained and lethargic. There is an energy field that is beyond our vision, and this energy field affects us in every moment of every day. It is of great importance to become aware of this energy field and to check in with yourself regularly to maintain it.

Today’s podcast is in the form of a guided process, a bit like a meditation, to ground your energy to the centre of the Earth. While you wrap your roots around the core of the Earth and anchor yourself in you will feel the energy of mother Earth flow up through the roots and into your feet. See the energy flow through your body and feel how your body feels. Affirm that you are grounded.

Then you will be guided to create a ball of energy that will form your protection barrier throughout the day.

This is as simple as asking for it. By asking we actually ask our brains to sort information differently. The more often we do this practice the more easily our brains sort the available information appropriately. In the same way we never saw a RED car until we decided to buy one, then all of a sudden everyone has a red car, and we are certain that we never saw one before. Our brain will automatically find ways to protect us and look after our energy field and this will occur as if on auto pilot.

If you are interested in learning more about grounding and protecting your energy perhaps you may be interested in coming along to one of my Reiki workshops. You can click the link here for more information.

I hope you enjoyed todays podcast.

Please leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts. Or pop over to Facebook and share your comments on the page. Suggestions and comments are extremely welcome.

Have a beautiful day

Love and light


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