LINDA BUTLER – Overcoming the past

Thank you for joining us today on the lightworker podcast.

Today I wanted to share an amazing woman with you. This woman has been through some extremely challenging life experiences, her journey to becoming a lightworker has pushed her to the limit. We wanted to share with you that it is possible to overcome some of life’s worst challenges, and allow peace and happiness to become your reality.

Linda Butler’s back ground is one that most people would want to run from and certainly  not come on a podcast like this and share her experience.

Linda is a powerful woman who through these life experiences has discovered her inner power and embraced forgiveness and compassion. She wants more than anything to help other women like her move past these challenges and come to know that there is life after the darkness. 

Linda has had challenges stemming from her life experiences some so horrific that the feelings started to overwhelm her leading to a downward spiral of depression and __7280186anxiety lasting for several years. In constant physical pain, and with a lot of emotional imbalances she found it difficult to pull herself out of it.  Being a high achiever and almost perfectionist in her working field she was confused as to why her personal life and health were so completely debilitating to the point of physically not being able to function and go to work. As with many journeys we gather the tools we need to heal if we begin to look for them, and Linda began to look for them. She began to realise that she had always had a gift of connection to spirit, as she embraced this connection she realised that it was leading her exactly where she needed to be. Here experience with spirit has given her lots of opportunity to assist people along her journey and given her proof of its existence. There was a time where she decided to block communication with spirit because the whole thing just got to overwhelming. In recent years with the tools and confidence of a system called Reiki, she has embraced these gifts and is striving forward with a mission.

Linda has no regrets for these life experiences, they shaped her and gave her the wisdom to share with others and understand what they are going through. Linda Now manages her fibromyalgia and endometriosis to function, pain and symptom free she enjoys a financially stable and happy life with her husband and daughter here on the Sunshine coast

Through the power of meditation and Reiki Linda was able to embrace the emotions that were surfacing and the physical manifestations that were crippling her and discover an inner peace she was not sure she would ever be able to achieve.

Today I share Linda Butler with you, the founder of Universal Wellness Connections, a Reiki Master Teacher, meditation facilitator and wellness seeker. Her passion is to help women like her who have suffered sexual abuse as a child to move beyond the self hatred, low self esteem, worthlessness and confusion this whole situation poses for the victims.

Yes you heard right Linder was sexually abused as a child from the age of 9. Her inner strength and light is so powerful and pure, her ability to uplift and share love is so inspiring, Linda has created Universal wellness connections so she can reach out for those who seek peace after the darkness and help them achieve happiness and abundance.

Linda runs beautiful meditation groups and one on one healing sessions that provide a safe haven for transformation. Her care and love shine during the sessions.

Here how to connect with LindaLinda Butler Reiki Master

Linda Butler 

Reiki Master/Teacher – Meditation Teacher – Healing and Wellness facilitator

Phone: 0466 012 620



Book a healing session with Linda one on one in Buderim or via Skype or Phone.

Call Linda for Meditation Group Details

Books shared today

This fantastic book offers great insight into life beyond death.

The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers—men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness.


Thank you again to the Light Tribe, this podcast is happening because of you.

I also want to welcome any new listeners and just acknowledge that you are here for a reason even if you are not clear on what that is just yet.

Also if you would like to hear about any particular subject please either email me here or go to my Facebook page and leave me some suggestions there

Have a beautiful week

Love and light


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